Best Lumbar pain reliever in USA

Lumbar pain reliever

Indications for medical use
At present, numerous data have been accumulated on the positive use of "Lumbarest" - therapy in the following medical areas:

Lumbar pain reliever

Lumbar pain reliever

Best Lumbarest therapy creates maximum unloading of the spine, comparable to that which can be obtained only under zero-gravity conditions.

Lumbarest back stretcher therapy meets the basic requirements for an ideal spinal rehabilitation system from the USA.


Long stretching reliever (time 45-60 minutes)
In conditions of complete relaxation (a comfortable lying position with the relaxation of the paravertebral muscles).
While maintaining the physiological curves of the spine (no possibility of trauma).

The body weight. Best Lumbar pain reliever in USA
When placing the patient on the best lumbar back stretcher system, optimal-directed traction forces are formed, which strictly depend on the weight (mass) of the patient's body & Pain reliever, which together lumbar pain & back leads to unloading of the best kinematic stretcher system of the spine, & since the traction force depends on the body weight, it is always individual for each lumbar back pain patient. As a result of this important feature of lumbar pain reliever back stretcher from the USA, overstrain of ligaments and muscles pain, lumbar pain back stretcher,  is prevented, and, consequently, possible traumatization, in contrast to other pain reliever devices and back stretcher systems ( best in the USA ) used for stretching the spine pain reliever ("dry" traction, Glisson's loop, tables with loops, underwater traction, USA tech, etc.).

Best Lumbar pain reliever in the USA

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